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<center><h1>Mad Libz</h1>{{{by Izhi Gale}}}\n[[1|h1]] [[2|h2]] [[3|h3]] [[4|h4]] \n{{{(i was really lazy with this, so don't expect this to be cool or anything)}}}\n</center>
<center><<textinput $h4d [[Done!|h4e]] >>\n{{{name a time}}}</center>
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Mad Libz
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<center><<textinput $h3l [[Done!|e3]] >>\n{{{name a name\n(this is the last, I promise)}}}</center>
by Izhi Gale
Once upon a time, there was a child named <<print $h4a>>.\n\nThe child was very <<print $h4b>> living in the <<print $h4c>>. So on <<print $h4d>>, the child snuck out of the <<print $h4c>> and went to <<print $h4e>>. But the child forgot the magical <<print $h4f>> at the <<print $h4c>> and went back to fetch it. But along the way, the child turned into a(n) <<print $h4h>>. But it didn't mind, because <<print $h4h>>s are awesome and lived the rest of its <<print $h4g>> life well.\n\nThen it <<print $h4i>>.\n\nThe End.\n\n<center>[[Back To Start|Start]]</center>
It was our vacation time. We were planning to go to the <<print $h1a>>. So my family consisting of <<print $h1b>> children and I decided to go there in a <<print $h1c>>. Along the way, the <<print $h1c>> broke down and we had to <<print $h1d>> there. But when we got there, we saw that the <<print $h1a>> was closed, so we <<print $h1e>> back home and watched <<print $h1f>> and ate <<print $h1g>> instead. Then <<print $h1h>> came and <<print $h1i>> down our house. We're living in a <<print $h1j>> now and enjoying our <<print $h1k>> vacation.\n\n<center>[[Back To Start|Start]]</center>
The Hollow <<print $h3a>>\n\nThis is the way the <<print $h3b>> <<print $h3c>>s,\nThis is the way the <<print $h3d>> <<print $h3e>>s,\nThis is the way the <<print $h3f>> <<print $h3g>>s,\nNot with a <<print $h3h>> but a <<print $h3i>>.\n\n-<<print $h3j>>. <<print $h3k>>. <<print $h3l>>\n\n<center>[[Back To Start|Start]]</center>
There was going to be a <<print $h2a>> party on <<print $h2b>> and we were all suposed to wear <<print $h2c>>. So I <<print $h2d>> early and <<print $h2e>> for the party. When I was <<print $h2f>> I was ready, I <<print $h2g>> to the party. I made a mistake though, I was wearing <<print $h2h>>. So all the <<print $h2i>> guests there pinched me for not wearing green on St. Patricks Day. And that's how <<print $h2j>> were made.\n\n<center>[[Back To Start|Start]]</center>
<center><<textinput $h2i [[Done!|h2j]] >>\n{{{name an adjective}}}</center>
<center><<textinput $h2h [[Done!|h2i]] >>\n{{{name other color}}}</center>
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<center><<textinput $h2g [[Done!|h2h]] >>\n{{{name another verb past tense}}}</center>
<center><<textinput $h2f [[Done!|h2g]] >>\n{{{name an emotion in adjective form}}}</center>
<center><<textinput $h2c [[Done!|h2d]] >>\n{{{name a color}}}</center>
<center><<textinput $h2b [[Done!|h2c]] >>\n{{{name a holiday}}}</center>